5 Mini Christmas Tree Ideas For Small Spaces

By | December 18, 2018

Who says you need to have a 12 foot Christmas tree to create a festive feel? These pretty mini tree are ideas are living (some are potted!) proof that you can still have a christmas tree in the smallest of spaces, and it can look as festive as can be. Oh and they make perfect Christmas pressies / holiday gifts too!

1. Mini Spruce in a vase (above): Not only is this tree in the home of Anna Kvarnström small enough to use as a table top decoration, you can enjoy your turkey / julbord around it and avoid all the faff of a tree foot too!! God rest ye merry gentlemen! Use real candles for an extra mysig feel (but never leave unattended!). See more subtle festive touches in Anna’s lovely home here.

2. The tabletop Christmas tree:  little trees are perfect perched on side tables, stools and benches in places like the hallway. The clever guys over at The Merry Thought made the wooden decorations on this tree too – and have shared all the know-how in this film.

3. The Windowsill Forest: Create a forest right there on the windowsill with fake trees in simple bark containers from Danish brand House Doctor – or create your own with simple cuts from outside (you can also try your local florist / nursery) – there’s a great DIY guide here.

4. Mini Christmas tree presents: Heading to a dinner party? Why not give the host one of these little fellas instead of the standard amaryllis (although a salmon-apricot amaryllis is always a good idea!)? Simply wrap them in wax paper with a bow and you’re all set. Plus the host can plant it and use it again next year -bonus! You might even like to add a few care instructions (read about how to care for a potted tree here). I wish I knew the credit for this lovely setting – please give me a shout in the comment section below if you are able to help!

5. Mini Christmas tree gift wrapping: Now, I pride myself on my present wrapping (I might even go as far as saying it’s my favourite part of the pre-Christmas prep!) – but I’ve never seen this idea before. You just need brown wrapping paper, a christmas tree shaped cutting from a conifer tree like cypress or juniper and some glue! Get all the know-how over at A Piece of Rainbow.

Such simple, pretty ideas, don’t you think?

Are there any that caught your eye?

For more inspiration you might like to take a little peek in the Christmas and Christmas decoration archives (if this pops up first, just scroll passed!).

I’ll be back tomorrow with a beautiful home tour.

Look forward to seeing you then!